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Cape Cod Surprise

Cape Cod Surprise (Gemma, 2010) is available at your local bookseller and online.

Oliver's Surprise

"Oliver's Surprise" (Gemma, 2008) is available at your local bookseller and online.


I am often asked how I made the leap from Olympic sailor to published author. Though the two achievements would seem to require very different skill sets, they both played to my strengths in combining self-motivation and creativity.

I invite you to dig around this site and learn more about me and my books. I enjoy meeting authors and readers (both online and in person), so please let me know if you have a question or comment. You can also follow my blog to learn more about the intersection between books and boats.

I'm looking forward to adding more events to the calendar, so let me know if your local bookstore or library would like to host a signing or creative writing session.

Thanks for your interest!

Game of Sails

I recently published my first adult novel: Game of Sails, an Olympic Love Story. The story is about two opposites who team up for the sole purpose of making it to the Olympics—and then try hard not to fall in love. Read an excerpt

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