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Cape Cod Surprise

Cape Cod Surprise (Gemma, 2010) is available at your local bookseller and online.

Oliver's Surprise

"Oliver's Surprise" (Gemma, 2008) is available at your local bookseller and online.

Game of Sails

Casey Morgan was just about to qualify for the national sailing team when Spencer Harding capsized on top of her. Desperate for a secret weapon, she steamrolls into his casual small town life to get dibs on a fast new sail. As even Casey’s singleminded determination is tested by treachery, divorce, and serious injury, the two sailors merge their opposite approaches to work toward a lofty goal—a berth on the Olympic team.

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"You don't need to know the difference between a tack and a jibe to feel the tension Cronin creates... to experience the elation of victory and shed tears of defeat." —J.B. Chicoine, author and artist

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