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Cape Cod Surprise

Cape Cod Surprise (Gemma, 2010) is available at your local bookseller and online.

Oliver's Surprise

"Oliver's Surprise" (Gemma, 2008) is available at your local bookseller and online.

CNC signing
Signing at Island Books. Maaike Bernstrom Photography
Athens 2004
2004 Olympics.
Daniel Forster

About Carol

Carol Newman Cronin has sailed and written fiction since she was a child. In 2004, she crowned a lifetime of competitive achievement by winning two races for the USA at the Olympics. A member of the elite US Sailing Team from 2001–2007, she has won numerous national and international sailing championships.

Since retiring from Olympic sailing, Carol has focused on writing and graphic design from her home office in Jamestown, RI. Between travels for sailing and writing, she and her husband spend as many hours as possible on Narragansett Bay.

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