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Presenting Game of Sails on Paper


You heard it here first: Game of Sails: an Olympic Love Story will soon be available in paperback. I’ve heard from many fans that they aren’t interested (yet) in ebooks but really want to read my latest novel. And I also heard from a few local stores that a paperback GoS would be a great [...]

Game of Sails Ebook Now Available

Today I’m raising a glass to the launch of my first adult novel, Game of Sails. Straight up, with an e-twist! And to celebrate I’m offering a few lucky blog readers a coupon for a free download. Recently, traditional publishing has been turned on its ear by the digital age. Agents offer publishing services; publishers [...]

Loving Lipstick

Seeing a book grow from awkward manuscript to published elegance is so satisfying, even when it’s not my own.

Book Review: The Murderer’s Daughters

A peek into a novel I never expected to recommend.

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