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Olympic Sailing: Where Fiction Meets Fact

Sometimes seemingly unrelated events coincidentally come together, reinforcing each other in a totally unexpected way. That’s exactly what happened last Sunday when I sat down with the Severn Sailing Association book club to discuss Game of Sails: an Olympic Love Story. (And thanks to Kim Couranz for organizing what turned out to be a really [...]

The Soft Sell: How Soft is Too Soft? You Decide

Recently I was interviewed by Dan Tritle, the Morning Edition host on WCAI in Woods Hole, Mass. The primary goal was to publicize an upcoming booksigning at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum in Hyannis. But mostly we chatted about sailing, and writing, and what I love about both. It was a fun discussion, and Dan [...]

Calling all Readers: Game of Sails Needs Your Help

“Amazon lost my book reviews.” Doesn’t that sound like “the dog ate my homework”? But it’s true. When Game of Sails (the ebook) was combined onto one page with Game of Sails (the paperback), nine months of priceless feedback from readers (averaging 4+ stars) disappeared into the ether. Which means those words will never be [...]

Why it Took 18 Years to Write Game of Sails

Last week I received a very special package from Hank, our friendly UPS driver: three large boxes. He was offhand about the delivery, worried only about the weight and that one of the boxes was starting to come untaped. I, however, could barely contain my excitement. Because inside those three nondescript cardboard boxes lay copies [...]

Presenting Game of Sails on Paper


You heard it here first: Game of Sails: an Olympic Love Story will soon be available in paperback. I’ve heard from many fans that they aren’t interested (yet) in ebooks but really want to read my latest novel. And I also heard from a few local stores that a paperback GoS would be a great [...]

Ebook Reformatting: Game of Sails, Take Two

As most of you know, I published Game of Sails in July 2011 as an ebook. I carefully created the Word document specified in the Smashwords publishing guide, reviewed the book on my computer and iPhone, posted it on Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble—and thought I was done. I looked forward to moving on [...]

Game of Sails: Last Chance to Buy at $2.99

Calling all bargain hunters: the price of Game of Sails: an Olympic Love Story is increasing to $4.99 on Jan 1, 2012. You must order soon to get the book at its introductory price. There are three main reasons for this price increase. 1. I’ve received a lot of feedback that “I would’ve paid more” [...]

Airplane Sales: Ebooks Promotion

I’ve been on a lot of airplanes since Game of Sails first came out in early July, traveling for both work and sailing. And on most of those flights, my seat companion has pulled out a Kindle or a Nook as soon as we were above 10,000 feet. “Like your ereader?” I ask. (I have [...]

E-Publishing is the E-asy Part

This post originally appeared at Write on the Water, a site for people who want to quit their job, “move onto a boat, and write.” Thanks to Christine Kling for the inspiration! One year after Cape Cod Surprise was published by a small press, it was time to push Game of Sails: an Olympic Love Story [...]

Ebook Cover Design: Telling the Story

One of the many distinctions between ebooks and paper books is what you see first when you pick up the book again to start reading. With a paperback or hardcover, you see the cover, every time. With an ebook, you’re automatically sent to the page on which you ended your last reading session. Pushed back [...]

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